Bespoke Furniture and Design


Following the two architects desks came two chairs to match, again in maple and quite ornate for me.  Probably the biggest challenge was the chair back that tapered in thickness and curved to provide support for the back and the top of the panel became the top rail of the chair.  Working closely with the client the design evolved over a two month period with many changes until we were both happy with the result. The chair was finally upholstered with a blue fabric to match the plan storage lining inside the desks.


Coming to the end of my second desk build, this one is for the clients office. Virtually the same as the first but with a few minor changes to the features at the top of the legs and, in this case, the beading follows all the way around the desk to add interest as  the desk will be viewed  from all directions. 

My next challenge is to make the chairs!


My latest project is a writing desk in maple for an architect in London. The desk features classical Greek detail on the legs and storage for A1 drawings  with a lid stay that caused me many sleepless nights and as with all my other projects the drawers feature hand cut dovetails .


Delivery is  always a joy, this morning I delivered four chairs  to a client who had already commissioned a table and to see the chairs finally sitting around the table was really special. The chairs have laminated backs for extra  back support and were designed for comfort, both table and chairs are made with solid American walnut and finished with acrylic lacquer.


I've never really enjoyed turning, I found it far better to ask local turners to do the work for me. They always achieved better results than I ever did and in half the time, but now, for better or for worse I've invested in a second hand copy lathe. This old Mini Max has been well used but appears to be sound and for what I paid for it a real bargain. This is how it arrived, covered in rust and looking very sad, I'm sure that with a few hours of cleaning and a squirt of oil it will be good as new (ish).